Interim Managers: Network your way to success

April 28th 2023 | Posted by [email protected]

Consider this, and be honest with yourself: do you make the most of networking opportunities as an Interim Manager?

To state the obvious, the nature of interim roles is that they are temporary. But that doesn’t mean there’s no need to build lasting relationships. Recommendations and rehiring are two sure-fire ways to stay in employment. So building up a positive profile and striving to be that go-to-person when companies are looking to fill an interim role, is nothing short of good business sense.

The question is, how can you use all the opportunities and tools at your disposal to create a name for yourself?

Research the best networks

The word “networking” may in fact send an unpleasant shiver down your spine. For many, it can feel like an unnatural situation to be in. But, there are many avenues open to interim managers in both face-to-face, and online networking groups.

Online, LinkedIn provides one of the best ways to become part of a valuable business network. Groups enable you to build your contact list. You can also contribute to industry specific discussions, show your expertise, and PR your experience by posting your own content. But don’t limit yourself to the virtual world only. Good old fashioned networking events can also help you to grow your potential client base, and most importantly, grow lasting relationships.

Network like a pro

When you take the leap and attend a networking group, be sure to maximise the opportunity and create a good, lasting impression.

Top tips from networking experts include remembering to take business cards with you. Avoid wandering the room laden with personal belongings, as they will only act as a distraction when you’re trying to start a conversation. And remember, conversations are two-way, so practise those listening skills and remain relaxed rather than pushy or salesy.

Keep up the good work

Our parting advice is to remember that networking is not a one shot deal. Effective networking not only means making new contacts, but building on the relationships you already have.

To do this, you’ll need to keep in touch with your contacts. It may be that you’ve agreed to chat further or meet up to discuss something specific. Or you might want to keep in touch informally with the odd email. Regardless of the specific situation, the aim is always to boost your network and this can only happen with a bit of time and energy.