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Interim MD or General Management Recruitment

Interim Managing Directors and General Managers

If your existing management team lacks the skillsets and specific experience demanded for future business evolution, an interim general manager can provide timely momentum at a critical stage of organisational development. If a permanent appointment is impractical or is a process that will take time, then interim management recruitment is a cost-effective and convenient solution. Interim Recruit has access to an extensive network of managing directors and general managers with experience of working at board level for listed and private companies, start-ups, government and public sector organisations and private equity firms. Drawing on a vast network of elite candidates, Interim Recruit sources:

  • Professional Managing Directors
  • General Managers
  • Regional Managers and Directors
  • Country Managers
  • Area Managers and Directors

Our interims are experienced in delivering efficient change and adding value. Creating stability and promoting strong management practices, our interim managers have sharp, strategic minds that enable them to quickly understand the business context in which they are operating.

With the flexibility to dictate the length of contract and extend it where necessary, your company benefits from the expertise of an MD or general manager and the lasting legacy of skills transferred during their contract. Adapting to your existing business structure and culture our interim general managers supply additional support when you need it most.

Our interims can achieve your goals

Our hand-picked interim managers are driven to exceed business targets and achieve your strategic vision. To add real and lasting business value contact our interim management recruitment team.