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Is Interim Management for you?

Is Interim Management for you?

Interim management is not a stopgap career option; it requires specialist expertise so it isn’t suited to everyone. Interim managers must confidently deliver efficient leadership from the outset adding value to every role. They require an ability to provide a fresh perspective to each business situation and the aptitude to build positive relationships quickly to facilitate the successful delivery of projects, achieving business goals within a short space of time.

Interim managers often have to adopt a variety of personas as the work is varied, calling for trouble-shooters, solution providers, change agents, transition leaders and efficiency specialists. They must remain level headed as many interim management assignments arise as a result of crisis situations.

A flexible approach to management

Interim management offers dynamic, varied work opportunities where specialist skills are utilised in a wide range of environments. Interims may be unfamiliar with the organisation but are still expected to hit the ground running.  Contracts are invariably assigned at short-notice so interim managers must be ready to respond and think on their feet. Interims must be prepared to go where the work is and be willing to relocate at short notice, living out of a suitcase when contracts are too far from home for a daily commute. There may be periods without income so interims must also be financially secure enough to survive the non-billing months. Due to the circumstances in which they operate, interim managers must be comfortable with the unknown.

Are you driven to succeed?

Experience and qualifications aren’t the only considerations. It takes physical and emotional stamina to undertake a new interim management project as and when required so it requires real strength of character. Depending on the nature of the project, crisis management skills may be required. Interim management is not suited to ‘people pleasers’ as many of the decisions you have to make in the best interests of the business, may not prove popular.

Operating at senior level within the client organisation, interim managers are instrumental in the successful delivery of each project and judged on results. They are expected to swiftly boost efficiency and productivity and will be held accountable by the client. Success is vital in order to secure their next contract as they must demonstrate their excellent track record to interim recruiters.

What Interim Recruit is looking for:

  • The ability to sell yourself quickly and confidently at interview
  • The aptitude to make a quick assessment of each new work environment
  • First-class communication and networking skills to secure work
  • A capacity to develop solutions, delivering them on time and within budget
  • High levels of organisation in all aspects of your company administration
  • Short notice availability and potential flexibility to relocate temporarily as & when required
  • Self-assured, yet approachable, with the ability to work with people at all levels of seniority
  • An enthusiastic can-do attitude and problem-solving mentality

Have you got what it takes?

Interim Recruit supplies committed and highly-qualified interims who are experts in their field. If you possess the necessary attributes and can adopt a flexible approach to short-term strategic challenges addressing a specific skills gap or business problem, join our interim register.

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