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Interim management is the short-term provision of highly skilled professionals in response to specific organisational needs. Businesses often recruit interims to manage periods of transition or change. No matter how short the contract, an interim manager must effectively address complex business issues from the outset.

Value-add interim management expertise

Are you an interim manager with the expertise and experience to make an instant impact? Interim Recruit provides managers ready to hit the ground running to increase productivity and rise to specific business challenges. Our candidates lead by example to implement major business strategies or support companies through a period of significant transformation.

The ability to easily adapt to different business cultures is essential in order to thrive within challenging organisational environments. With no settling in period, our candidates must be expertly matched. You will have a wealth of knowledge within your specific business sector that enables you to deliver strategic business programmes and manage change.

Type of vacancies

Interim Recruit matches credible high-performing candidates to specific interim assignments across a wide range of business functions and industry sectors. The need for an interim manager can arise unexpectedly so vacancies need to be filled swiftly. We need interim managers with the skills to support process redesign, to manage a specific project that requires expertise not available within the workforce, to fill a sudden crucial gap in the senior management team resulting from resignation or illness and to provide additional support when existing management resource is over-stretched or managers are absent.

Our team of interim recruiters provides highly skilled interims to deliver invaluable leadership to start-ups, organisations undergoing restructuring as a result of mergers or acquisitions and companies in need of a rapid improvement strategy following bankruptcy or other difficulties. We match proven business developers with exceptional relationship-building skills to meet the exacting standards of our clients. If you have experience of utilising your specialist skills in short-term senior leadership roles, discover your next interim management challenge through Interim Recruit.

Ready to leave a lasting legacy? If you are an established interim manager with a proven track record of success join our interim register.

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