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Interims can be a valuable business asset in the short and medium term.

How can Interim Management help your business?

Whether you need a project director, senior manager or business transformation expert, recruiting an interim is a flexible, cost-effective solution to your temporary managerial requirement. Their strength lies in their ability to add immediate value, whatever the business need.

Failing companies can benefit from the instant access an interim management recruitment company has to tenacious leaders with the expertise to efficiently drive strategy and guide them back on track to success. Interim managers are not emotionally or financially attached to your company, but they are hugely experienced.

They are a powerful force ready to react to whatever business challenge comes their way. Put simply, interim managers have the freedom to rapidly turn business plans into action and visions into successful realities.

Why use an Interim?

Businesses evolve and personnel requirements fluctuate. An interim manager allows you to draw on the skills of a highly experienced manager to satisfy the needs of your organisation at a particular stage. Our interim recruiters assist clients from commercial and public sector organisations to fill short-term managerial gaps with ambitious, target-orientated consultants.

Often clients harness the skills of an interim manager to benefit from specialist cross-sector skills. This is a particular advantage if you need to improve a product or service. Drawing on the experience of someone who has implemented successful strategies and improved business fortunes inspires and innovates.

An interim manager leaves you equipped to develop policies, procedures and fresh-thinking long after they have left.

The benefits of an Interim

The nature of interim management means highly-qualified executives inject impetus into an organisation. They are not constrained by company politics or protocols so make a positive difference without distraction. Interim managers are often over-qualified so companies have the added advantage of retaining the skills, contacts and knowledge they transfer to the workforce during their short-term contract.

Interim management recruitment offers an effective way to facilitate change. Utilising the experience offered by an interim manager is particularly effective if you have a clear goal and specific timeframe for your project.

Why use us?

Interim Recruit’s specialist team has access to a huge network of contacts. We work with professionals of outstanding calibre; every single candidate is an expert within their field. Demand for a senior interim role is often immediate so our highly-effective interim recruitment process utilises wide-ranging experience across business sectors to identify the perfect interim manager for your project.

We supply our clients with the very best interims to give their business powerful momentum when it’s needed most. All our interim managers adopt a forward-thinking approach, implementing strategies to turn business fortunes around, create confidence to pursue new markets and achieve real growth.

What sets us apart?

Our dedicated interim recruiters instantly respond to a sudden need to augment your team with a specific skillset to drive a project or manage a period of business transformation. With no settling-in period, candidates are exactly matched to a role with a wealth of specific industry knowledge to impart.

Experts in your business sector are readily available to manage cultural change and reorganisation, lead projects to specified deadlines and realise your ambitious innovation or expansion plans.

Interim Recruit – the ideal solution at the right time