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Interim Turnaround Recruitment

Interim Turnaround Recruitment

Interim turnaround management is a temporary role created by an impromptu service requirement due to a sudden business crisis that needs immediate expert guidance.

Whatever the reason, whether business renewal or managerial shortage, interim managers have the capacity to review the situation, identify a solution, devise the appropriate plan and fulfil the necessary strategies to turn things around.

An interim manager is a cost-effective solution to manage turnaround until the business can be handed over to a full-time manager who will take the business forward. In a turnaround scenario, an interim manager joins the company with a very clear mandate.

Our results-driven interim managers can stabilise your business or carry out a comprehensive turnaround programme. You may have a specific timeframe for the turnaround process, or may require an interim ready to offer the flexibility to stay at the organisation until the necessary improvement strategies can be implemented.

At Interim Recruit, we provide expert support in turnaround situations for organisations that need to improve performance, manage a crisis, completely restructure an ailing division or oversee a period of business transformation or change management.

They are equipped to manage change because they can remain impartial and employ objective thinking to come up with a long-term strategy that those involved in the day-to-day politics don’t have the luxury to envisage.

Put our turnaround service to the test

Experienced in survival, recovery and growth, our interim managers are ready to turnaround your business fortunes, so contact Interim Recruit today to discuss your requirements in confidence.