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Interim CEO Recruitment

Interim CEO Recruitment

An interim CEO assumes a leadership role during a period of business transition or if the organisation’s CEO departs unexpectedly. Companies traditionally draw on their existing senior staff to fulfil their interim CEO needs, but are beginning to realise the advantages of recruiting from outside.

It offers the advantage of a fresh perspective of an interim who is not caught up in day-to-day operations so can offer a unique evaluation that draws on their proven track record. This can be particularly beneficial when dealing with crisis management. Our interim CEOs are adept at working with board members to drive transformational change and organisational improvement designed to sustain growth and foster business success.

If your organisation requires an interim CEO to join the executive board, Interim Recruit has access to contacts at the highest levels of the corporate and public sectors.  Taking into account the structure of the board and drawing on an international network of talent as well as a wide-ranging UK base, we appoint motivated individuals to add immediate value to your executive board roles.

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Interim Recruit is a leading interim management recruiter with vast experience of providing high-achieving executives. To discuss your interim CEO requirements contact our specialist recruiters today.